What should be considered in sheet metal processing?


In the process of sheet metal processing, sheet metal structure design is a complex system engineering, because sheet metal is the material used in machine tools, cabinets, such as machine tools, cabinets, and the special material properties and processing requirements of sheet metal itself. The structural design of gold products has strict requirements and standards. Therefore, in order to do a good job in the design of sheet metal processing structures, designers need to comprehensively consider various factors. So, what issues should be considered in the design of sheet metal processing structures?


Sheet metal processing structure design should consider the following issues:

1. It is necessary to consider the realization of product functions and economic practicability.

The design of the sheet metal processing structure should conform to the principle of economy and practicality, and on the basis of ensuring the safety, quality and performance of sheet metal processing, the cost input in the sheet metal processing process should be minimized.

2. Material processing requirements and cost control need to be considered.

The design drawings should clarify the requirements of production materials, do a good job of material selection requirements, ensure the selection of high-quality materials produced by regular sheet metal processing plants, ensure that the materials can meet the requirements of relevant standards in actual production, and ensure that the finished product design can meet the design performance requirements. In the design, the folding rate of materials in product production should be strictly controlled. On the premise of ensuring product performance, the tediousness of the actual production process of the product should be minimized and the operability of the design drawings should be improved. Also, make sure that the chosen material has good strength, is easy to bend, and is easy to shape.

3. The environmental requirements for product use need to be considered.

The structural design of sheet metal processing should be well designed to protect the product from waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. For example, in the design of cabinet sheet metal processing, it is necessary to select high-quality materials, appropriate surface treatment technology, and improve the performance of products in terms of corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and light resistance through stable sealing structure design. , to improve the environmental adaptability of products.

In summary, these are some issues that should be considered in the design of sheet metal processing structures. For different sheet metal processing products, designers need to consider different issues. Therefore, in a specific product project, the designer needs to comprehensively consider various factors according to the actual product design requirements, adopt targeted, feasible and practical design methods, solve various problems in the design, and do a good job in sheet metal processing. product design.