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How to choose the right sheet metal fabrication shop for you

When deciding to choose a sheet metal fabricator, you're not just hiring a company, you're choosing a partner.In order to ensure the product production process flow, please ensure that the service provider you choose has the ability to complete your projectProcessing experienceProcessing Equipment

Processing experience:If the processing plant has the processing experience relevant to your needs, this will definitely help you make the choice easier. For example, the length of time the shop has been in operation is one factor but not the most important; the workpieces they have machined and the industries they have served are important factors for you to judge her experience.

Sheet metal production equipment: Even a very experienced company may not have the corresponding sheet metal processing equipment to complete your product. When talking to the processing plant, please be specific about your requirements and make sure they have the advanced equipment to meet your requirements.

for example:One Multi-Bend CenterIt can produce workpieces in large quantities, and its adaptive system can reduce errors and avoid workpiece waste; a high-powerlaser cutterThe required workpiece is cut in a short time, and the burr problem is relatively less obvious;A laser tube cutting machineCompared with the traditional pipe cutting machine, the quality of the incision and the processing accuracy are greatly improved, and the secondary processing problems caused by the traditional production method are reduced.

Service Process

Customer submits drawings

Platinum Shield will arrange salesmen with many years of experience in the sheet metal processing industry to connect with customers, so as to better understand the specific process requirements of customers and pursue to provide better services.

Processing service options

Customers can choose one or more processing services, including laser cutting, CNC, bending, and laser tube cutting. For more processing needs, please contact customer service for inquiries.

Product quotation

Quotations are made according to the actual needs of customers and processing conditions, including but not limited to process requirements, processing difficulty, delivery time and batch size, etc.

Sample first article confirmation

After receiving the metal material sent by the customer, the first sample will be produced for the customer's confirmation. The confirmed samples will be used as the production standard for this batch.