Processing strength

List of strengths of platinum shield sheet metal processing services

Guangzhou Platinum Technology Co., Ltd.: Located in Qiling Industrial Zone, Panyu District, Guangzhou City. 13,000 square meters of standardized workshop, more than 200 employees, dedicated to sheet metal processing, manufacturing, and technical services in one comprehensive sheet metal processing enterprise core.

Sheet metal processing equipment: Seeing the production equipment in the sheet metal processing factory can reflect both the production strength and the determination of the quality of the enterprise. The production workshop of Bodun has introduced advanced production equipment at home and abroad, including several processing equipment such as Salvagnini multilateral bending center, high-power laser cutting machine, bending machine, bending robot, laser pipe cutting machine, CNC numerical control punching machine, etc. Equipped with a professional 3D sheet metal process design team.
The platinum shield processing plant has a series of production equipment and an experienced technical operation team, which can control the quality of the workpiece to a greater extent and reduce the loss caused by human risks. Advanced production equipment is the premise of sheet metal processing. With the assistance of perfect production process, high-quality sheet metal workpieces can be produced.

Production Process: Throughout the market, many sheet metal processors claim to have a complete production process to ensure that the quality is still high in the case of mass production. Every time there is a quality problem, the customer is surprised to find that the production process is full of errors and omissions. The production process provided by Platinum Shield Company is based on ERP software and drawing software for material and version control, plus special quality inspection management methods, as well as customer'sFirst Article ConfirmationAs a production standard, we must provide customers with satisfactory service.

service options: Customers can choose one or more sheet metal processing services provided by Platinum Shield based on their own needs. The final price will be quoted based on the actual needs of customers and processing conditions, including but not limited to process requirements, processing difficulty, delivery time, and batch size.

More offers:Platinum Shield will launch limited-time processing discounts from time to time. For more information, please contact Platinum Shield's customer service for inquiries.

Salvagnini Multilateral Bending Center

The multilateral bending center has a universal bending die and a fully automatic bending process. In addition to this, this bending center has an adaptive system that automatically adapts to material and external changes. Therefore, the high efficiency and flexibility of the bending center allow Platinum Shield to process high-quality metal products for customers in a shorter time, and the quality will not be affected by the size of the batch.



laser cutter

The platinum shield sheet metal processing factory has several advanced laser cutting machines. The flat cutting area is within 1500 (mm) x 3000 (mm), the stainless steel flat cutting thickness is within 8 mm, and the iron flat cutting thickness is within 20 mm. For the thickness of other metal materials that can be cut, please contact customer service for more information.

Bending Machine / Bending Manipulator

The processing workshop of Platinum Shield has several bending machines and a bending robot. The types of bending machines range from large tonnage to small tonnage, and are suitable for processing all kinds of large and small sheet metal parts.

The traditional bending machine still has its flexibility at the use level. For example, some materials that are thicker and have more bending heights, as well as workpieces that require special bending sequences, require traditional bending machines.

The production workshop of Bodun introduces advanced multilateral bending centers, and at the same time retains traditional bending machines to meet the requirements of our customers.



A laser tube cutting machine

The platinum shield sheet metal processing workshop recently came to a new laser pipe cutting machine to put into processing service. Compared with the traditional blade saw pipe, the laser cutting precision is high, the incision is more complete, and the overall production efficiency of the post-process joint and welding is improved. The laser tube cutting machine can cut square tubes and round tubes and other shapes. If you want to know more about the sheet metal service of laser tube cutting, please contact the customer service of Platinum Shield.

CNC CNC punch

Some people in the industry commented on the CNC punching machine, saying that after the laser cutting machine, the CNC punching machine has no place to use. This view does not reflect reality.

Some materials are not suitable for laser cutting machines, such as insulating boards; for some materials, laser cutting may slow down production efficiency, such as punching multi-hole boards; and some sheet metal processing processes can only rely on CNC punching machines, such as Say blinds. It can be seen that CNC punching still has its unique value.

Bodun's sheet metal processing workshop has several punching machines to meet the processing needs of our customers.