Things to keep in mind when typeset on a laser cutter


Six points to keep in mind when typeset on a laser cutter

Before using the laser cutting machine, we will use the typesetting software to draw a picture on the program, and then put the graphics on the board, so that the laser cutting machine can process products in batches, typesetting is an important process of the laser cutting machine, and if the layout If it is not correct, not only will the efficiency decrease, resulting in waste of processed materials, but also the cutting effect of the entire processed materials will appear as follows. Laser cutting machine is an important process.

There are six main considerations for the layout of a laser processing machine

1. Corner melting: Corner cutting is completed during the time deceleration process generated at the corner. Small radius can maintain high-speed cutting, avoiding the phenomenon of steel plate melting caused by excessive cutting time, so as to obtain good cutting quality and reduce cutting time. ,Improve productivity.

2. Spacing between parts: Due to the large thermal effect of the thick hot plate, when cutting the thick hot plate, it is easy to burn off the edges of part of the spacing, cutting sharp edges, and fine graphics that affect the cutting quality.

3. Lead-out line: In the process of laser cutting machine cutting thick plate, in order to make the cutting connection good and prevent the head and tail from burning, it is usually called the lead-out line and the tail line, which are the transition lines at the beginning and end of cutting respectively. Leads and tails have no use for the workpiece itself, so care should be taken to keep them outside the work area and not to set the leads in sharp corners or other places where it is difficult to dissipate heat. The connection between the fuse and the cutout should be as smooth as possible so that the machine can run smoothly and there is no danger of being burned by the corner block.

4. Co-edge cutting: Combining two or more parts into a co-edge, and co-edge a large number of regular graphics as much as possible, co-edge cutting can greatly reduce the cutting time and save raw materials.

5. Parts Collision: In order to maximize production efficiency, many laser cutting equipment runs continuously for 24 hours, and uses unmanned automatic loading/unloading equipment. The cut chip parts and collisions cause damage to the cutting head and production interruption, resulting in Great loss. To this end, the following precautions should be taken: (1) Choose the correct cutting path and bypass the cut part to reduce collisions. (2) Select the best cutting path to reduce the cutting time. (3) Connect several micro parts automatically or manually, and remove the parts that are easily disconnected from the micro parts after cutting.

6. Residual material handling: After the parts are cut by the laser cutting machine, the skeleton-like residual material on the working table of the laser cutting machine should be removed as soon as possible to facilitate subsequent cutting operations. On laser cutters that do not have an automatic removal device, the skeleton-like residue can be quickly removed by cutting it into small pieces. This avoids personal injury to the operator due to the movement of heavy objects and sharp blades.