Analysis and testing of the main factors affecting the quality of laser cutting


Analysis and testing of the main factors affecting the quality of laser cutting:

Based on the analysis of factors affecting the quality of laser cutting, thermoformed parts with thicknesses between 1.0 and 3.0 mm were selected, and laser cutting experiments were performed on selected cutting blocks, cutting holes or cutting blades. The test method is as follows

1. Test the focus position and adjust it according to the out-of-focus situation. From 3mm to 3mm, gradually adjust the focus position in 0.5mm increments. After the recording is complete, compare the quality of the clips. The focus position with the best cut quality will be reserved for the next test.

2. Adjust the power of laser cutting. The first step is to perform a power test at the focus position with the best cut. Start at 1000W and cut every 300W. Document and compare cut quality

3. Change the cutting gas pressure. The focal length position and power conditions with the best cut quality are tested in the second step. Start with a gas pressure of 7 Pa and compare the cut quality for every 1 Pa increase. The laser cutting gas pressure value with the best cut quality is reserved for the next test.

4. Increase the cutting speed. Test focus position, power conditions, and cutting gas pressure values in step 3 for the best cut quality. Cutting speed starts at 6000 mm/min and increases at 1000 mm/min. The cut quality was recorded and compared.

5. Set the nozzle distance. Test focus, power supply conditions, cutting gas pressure value, and cutting speed in step 4 for the best cut quality. The nozzle distance starts at 0.6mm and increases by 0.2mm each time until the nozzle distance is adjusted to 1.2mm. Each cutting condition is recorded and compared, and finally the nozzle distance value with the best cutting quality is obtained.

In the first case, the material thickness is 2mm, the adjustment focus position is -3mm, the nitrogen cutting pressure is 12Pa, the nozzle distance is 1mm, the cutting power is 3000W, and the cutting speed is 12m/min, and various parameters are adjusted to the best state, various tests were carried out, so the cutting conditions were good and the cutting surface was smooth.

According to the form of motion and the characteristics of motion, the motion model of the machine's motion axis can be made through motion settings. At the same time, the relative position of each model can be guaranteed, and the virtual processing scene can be quickly constructed by using the WRL file function interface read by OIV. Combined with the characteristics of laser cutting technology, the model production can be analyzed, and the processing quality of the product can be effectively guaranteed.