What are the forming processes of sheet metal processing


To know what forming processes are in sheet metal processing, you must first understand what sheet metal processing is.

Sheet metal processing refers to the deformation of metal materials of different materials and thicknesses through different processing techniques. For thinner metal materials, how to apply a certain force to plastically deform or shear them, so that the parts have a certain shape and performance.

Next, two special forming processes in sheet metal processing are introduced.

Stretch-bending forming process: first stretch the profile wool along the length direction until the yield limit, then maintain the tension and then bend the wool according to the profile of the stretch-bending die. The method of effectively changing the stress distribution inside the wool during bending is to stretch in advance, which can improve the forming accuracy of the parts.零件The equipment used is a rotary arm stretch bender and a rotary stretch bender. The rotary arm stretch bender is used to form one-way bending parts, such as bulkheads and stringers with a bending angle of less than 180°. The rotary type bending machine can form not only one-way bending parts, but also two-way bending parts and annular frames with a bending angle of 360°.

Shot peening process: use air compression or tell the impeller to eject multiple steel shots with a diameter d of 0.3~2.5 mm from the nozzle. One side of the wool material is hit by high-speed elasto-hydrodynamics, so that the metal on the surface layer is squeezed to increase the area, resulting in compressive stress, so that one side of the wool material is not hit by the projectile and bends into a curved surface. The shot peening process is the main forming method for large monolithic panels. This method can improve the fatigue properties of parts, and the equipment and process equipment used are relatively simple.

The above are two special forming processes for sheet metal processing. If you want to know more about sheet metal processing, pay attention to platinum shield sheet metal processing.