Explain the necessity of customizing the consumption quota of sheet metal materials in sheet metal processing


In various sheet metal processing, material is the basis and one of the costs, so attention must be paid to avoid waste in accounting. Guangzhou Platinum Sheet Metal Processing Factory has been providing customers with various sheet metal processing products for many years. Both materials and processing techniques strive for perfection. Next, Guangzhou platinum shield sheet metal processing factory will introduce the necessity and method of formulating the consumption quota of sheet metal materials.

1 The necessity of formulating material quotas

(1) Material quota is an important basis for calculating material demand and forming material demand plan. The material supply plan of a manufacturing enterprise is mainly determined by calculating the demand for various materials according to the production tasks and quotas of the unit product during the planning period, and then considering the resource status of the materials. Therefore, if there is no quota, the procurement plan indicators will have no basis, and it is impossible to formulate a correct material supply plan.

(2) The material quota can effectively organize the distribution of quota materials and supervise the use of materials. With ration standards, materials can be regularly rationed according to production progress. In the production process, effectively control consumption, supervise material consumption, and eliminate material waste.

2. Method for Determining Process Quota of Material Consumption

(1) First, according to the net weight and processing technology of the parts in the product drawings, as well as the standard requirements of the company's material specifications, carry out an economical and reasonable layout, evaluate and optimize the layout results (cutting utilization rate), and determine the layout method and material specification parameters .

(2) Determine the process quota for the material consumption of each unit. After the blank layout, the remaining edge material is distributed to the total number of parts that can be arranged, plus a different process loss, the process quota for part consumption.

Process quota = blank weight + remaining material weight / number of removable blanks + process loss

Material blanking utilization rate = (part blank weight, part quota) × 100%

Material utilization = (parts net weight / parts quota) × 100%

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