Sheet metal processing plant equipment requirements


At present, because there are many processes for processing sheet metal parts, there are also many equipments needed, so what equipments are needed specifically!

1. Cutting equipment: ordinary shearing machine, CNC shearing machine, laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine;
2. Forming equipment: ordinary punching machine, mesh machine, folding machine and CNC folding machine;

3. Welding equipment: argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide shielded welding machine, spot welding machine, robot welding machine;

4. Surface treatment equipment: wire drawing machine, sandblasting machine, polishing machine, electroplating tank, oxidation tank and paint line;

5. Shape adjustment equipment: leveling machine;


So under the requirements of these processes, what are the basic requirements of sheet metal processing workshops?

1. The sound insulation effect is better. Generally, sheet metal processing will cause noise. Therefore, sheet metal processing plants are generally not built near residential areas. However, in order to prevent noise from disturbing the people, it is necessary to do a good job of sound insulation in the workshop.

2. The workshop should be ventilated and ventilated. In the process of sheet metal processing, machines and welding will generate heat, and some metal processing odors will be generated during the metal processing process, which is also detrimental to the health of employees, so the workshop should be kept ventilated Breathable.

3. The workshop space should be wide, because some briefly described workpieces are stacked in the workshop, and in the process of processing, the staff also need enough space when operating, which is also to avoid unnecessary work during the work process. collision.

Because professional sheet metal processing manufacturers not only have rich manufacturing qualification certificates, but also use their own technological advantages in the actual production, processing and production of products, they can better ensure the timeliness and quality of the product production process, while integrating Customers' use problems, constantly improve and design products, master the actual production technology, improve the precision of metal manufacturing, and meet the application regulations of today's users.

Now in the selection of metal material laser cutting products, you can also see various types and specifications of products, especially in the manufacture and manufacture of new products, sheet metal processing plants must have a certain basic overall strength to be able to Designing and developing new products, it is a manufacturer of new technologies and mechanical equipment, improving the effect and product accuracy, reducing residues, and making the product cost reasonable operation, reflecting the professional technology manufacturer's own production advantages.