The harm of laser cutting machine to human body and how to deal with it


Due to the continuous development of science and technology, the use of lasers has become more and more important in our daily life, but many people always have a question in their minds: will such advanced technology be harmful to the human body? In particular, do laser cutters, such as large-scale equipment, have an impact on the health of their users? Therefore, many people tend to avoid laser products, and it is so difficult to mass-produce laser products. Laser machines are basically harmless to the human body. The laser machine itself is harmless to the human body, but if it is processed and used improperly, it will cause certain damage to the human body.

  • eye damage

Workers who come into contact with laser cutting machines often like to stare at the cutting head, and staring at the sparks generated during the cutting process for a long time can damage the eyes and cause a stinging feeling. In the laser cutting machine, the high-concentration energy emitted by the laser during the processing is focused on the retina through the refractive medium of the eye to form an image, so the energy density on the retina is significantly higher than the incident energy density on the cornea. Monochromaticity and low chromatic aberration of the fundus. This can lead to damage to the cornea and retina.

  • skin damage

When the laser is applied to the skin, the excess energy (power) damages the skin and is repaired by the tissue, so there is a loss of function, but the overall functional structure is not affected. Long-term skin exposure may cause burns and scarring.

  • Respiratory damage

When the laser is used to process some special metal materials, the high temperature generated is combined with the gas to generate a large amount of dust, most of which have high chemical composition, and the dust will also spread in the air. Damage to the human respiratory system.

How to avoid damage caused by fiber laser machine?

  1. Necessary protective equipment should be provided for the laser cutter and safety glasses should be worn to ensure that the laser does not damage the human eye. Make sure others in the work area don't look directly at the laser while it's cutting.

2. Make sure to eat more foods rich in vitamin AC and protein, such as carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, red meat and liver, which are important for eye protection.

3. The equipment should be installed with appropriate dust removal equipment and used in a clean air environment, and masks should be worn as much as possible.

4. To avoid burns caused by residual heat, do not touch the finished product immediately after processing.

5. Since the laser is invisible, do not touch the light path during use to avoid harm to the human body.

6. The focusing mirror (ZnSe) of the laser processing machine contains harmful elements. Please don't touch the lens too often, and don't throw it away after it's scrapped.